wtorek, 15 lipca 2014

Ulver / Perdition City

Ulver is norwegian band formed in Oslo in 1993. Musically, initially oscillating around black metal combined with Norwegian folk music later evolved into the modern electronic music. The publisher of group is Jester Records - the label owned by Kristoffer Rygg - team leader.
Perdition City - the fifth studio album of the Norwegian band Ulver, released March 26 2000 year also by the independent record label Jester Records.Perdition City is an album of moody, atmospheric electronica, built up around basic down-tempo beats and noir-ish electronic piano harmonies, and then fleshed out with various blips and bleeps, static noises, samples, and occasional vocals.


  1. "Lost in Moments" 
  2. "Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses" 
  3. "Hallways of Always" 
  4. "Tomorrow Never Knows" 
  5. "The Future Sound of Music" 
  6. "We are the Dead" 
  7. "Dead City Centres" 
  8. "Catalept" 
  9. "Nowhere/Catastrophe"

sobota, 12 lipca 2014

30 seconds to Mars / 30 seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars is american rock band formed in 1998 by actor and singer Jared Leto , and his older brother Shannon. Currently with Leto brothers permanently working  Tomo Miličević. First mixture post grunge, emo and melodic hard rock, collected rather average reviews from American critics.Album "30 Seconds To Mars" was released in on August 27, 2002, by Immortal Records. The album was promoted by two singles, "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)" and "Edge of the Earth". Production was handled by Bob Ezrin, ( Pink Floyd, Kiss). Album wasn't a big success , but the group has prepared a ground for further activity and gradually built fan base.


  • 1. "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)"
  • 2. "Edge of the Earth"
  • 3. "Fallen (Jupiter)" 
  • 4. "Oblivion"
  • 5. "Buddha for Mary" 
  • 6. "Echelon" 
  • 7. "Welcome to the Universe" 
  • 8. "The Mission" 
  • 9. "End of the Beginning" 
  • 10. "93 Million Miles" 
  • 11. "Year Zero" 

środa, 9 lipca 2014

Death Grips / The Money Store

Group formed in 2010, comprised Stefan Burnett (MC Ride), Zach Hill and Andy Morin (Flatlander). Within four years of activity released five albums: "Exmilitary", "The Money Store", "No Love Deep Web", "Government Plates," "The Powers That B".First disc of the last album - "Niggas on the Moon" - was made available for free on June 8. The second part of "Jenny Death" will be released along with the first part of this year. Experimental hip-hop group  ceased to exist few days ago. 

 The Money Store is the first studio album by  Death Grips. It was released on April 24, 2012, but was leaked on April 14 and made available on vinyl on April 21 to celebrate Record Store Day.

Fans really love this cd. - "Great album and definitely one of the best 2012 album. Blends rap with element from metal, punk, drone, noise and electronic music combined with sublime production and MC Ride's mindblowing vocals, it's not like any music I've heard lately and I mean it in a good way. Content itself is incredibly dark, somehow reminded me of Nico & Velvet Underground. Highlight tracks: The Fever (Aye Aye), Please, Get Got, I've Seen Footage."

1. "Get Got"  
2. "The Fever (Aye Aye)"  
3. "Lost Boys"  
4. "Blackjack"  
5. "Hustle Bones"  
6. "I've Seen Footage"  
7. "Double Helix"  
8. "System Blower"  
9. "The Cage"  
10. "Punk Weight"  
11. "Fuck That"  
12. "Bitch Please"  
13. "Hacker"  

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Behemoth / Chaotica - The Essence of the Underworld

 Behemoth ( Hebrew בהמות literally "beasts") - Polish music group, formed in October 1991 in Gdansk, appearing to 1992 under the name Baphomet. At the beginning of a style of music presented belongs to black metal, and later, in 1994, similar to pagan metal, widely using in the recording of an acoustic guitar. Then band began to perform music with a kind of death metal, abandoning the pagan themes for broadly understood occult and mythology of the Middle East.

 Chaotica  contains songs from And the Forests Dream Eternally (EP, 1994), Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) (full-length, 1995), Grom (full-length, 1996), Bewitching the Pomerania (EP, 1997), and four previously unreleased covers and demo tracks.

Metal Mind Productions 
2 CD

Disc I
01. Chant From The Eastern Lands
02. The Touch Of Nya
03. From The Pagan Vastlands
04. Hidden In A Fog
05. Ancient
06. Entering The Faustian Soul
07. Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron
08. Wolves Guard My Coffin
09. Hell Dwells In Ice
10. The Dark Triumph
11. Cursed Angel Of Doom
12. Transylvanian Forest
13. Moonspell Rites
14. Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
15. Pure Evil & Hate
16. Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft

Disc II
01. Intro
02. The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell)
03. Spellcraft And Heathendom
04. Dragon's Lair (Cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)
05. Lasy Pomorza
06. Rising Proudly Towards The Sky
07. Thou Shalt Forever Win
08. Grom
09. Total Disaster [Destruction cover]
10. Freezing Moon [Mayhem cover]
11. With Spell Of Inferno
12. Hidden In A Fog
13. Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)